Saturday, January 15, 2011


My goals and intentions for this artwork were to create a picture that resembled who I am and looked like me. I tried to accomplish this by looking mroe closely at my facial features and decided to include my sketchbook to show my passion for art. My drawing is about the dramatic shadows. The most difficult challenge was trying to make the face look similar to my real face. I met that challenge by trying to never get discouraged and by asking my peers about thier suggestions. I have learned that I can draw people and that sometimes I ahve to move more quickly in order to get my projects done. What I feel best about is that I was actually able to finish it and not get frustrated and leave it.

JPEG Challenge

I took a black and white picture of my dresser drawers and used charcoal and white chalk to create the image on the top. This was JPEG challenge and we took pictures and then chose one that we thought was interesting enough to draw.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What I Obsess About...

These are some things that I obsess about. The first thing is organization and having everyhitng in the right place. I have all of my stuff organized from biggest to smalest or tallest to shortest. I also love the color red and I have as much stuff as I can in red. Both of my favorite teams are red, Marlyland Terps and Washington Capitals. This was a homework assignment and I decided to have a little fun so thise are the things that I obsess about as crazy as they may seem.

Friday, October 15, 2010


These are some pictures that I took of my family. All of these are unposed and they had no idea that the pictur was being taken. This was for one of the homework assignments and we had to take pictures of family member without them knowing the picture was being taken. The first one is of me and my dad, the second one is me and my sister, and the last one is a picture of my grandparents.

Leaf in Glass Painting

I unfortunately could not finish this painting but I was able to get most of it done in the time given us. I decided to put the leaf in the glass because I do not usually involve nature in my paintings. Also, another girl was working on this painting with me and we both agreed to do the leaf as te object in the glass. My main focus was for it to look like a glass cup and not a 2 dimensional painting. I also wanted to show the light showing through the glass and capture the shapes that form inside of the glass.

What brings you joy?

I did my joy series about running. I know how it feels to have it taken away. I had a stress fracture for about eight months and during those eight months I could not run at all. I felt miserable and I missed it. That is the main reason that I chose to do the series on running. I ripped pieces out of magazines and used a picture that I found on my computer to try and get the right colors. I then glued them on the paper where I had drawn the outline for each color.

Summer Paintings

These two paintings are paintings that I did over the summer for my kitchen. My mom bought these two sugar and flour holdesr with this design of the sunflowers on them. She wanted me to create paintings similar to these pots to put in the kitchen. These paintings took me a week to complete. THis was not steady wokring through the whole week, but I am very detail oriented and I wanted to make these look perfect.