Saturday, January 15, 2011


My goals and intentions for this artwork were to create a picture that resembled who I am and looked like me. I tried to accomplish this by looking mroe closely at my facial features and decided to include my sketchbook to show my passion for art. My drawing is about the dramatic shadows. The most difficult challenge was trying to make the face look similar to my real face. I met that challenge by trying to never get discouraged and by asking my peers about thier suggestions. I have learned that I can draw people and that sometimes I ahve to move more quickly in order to get my projects done. What I feel best about is that I was actually able to finish it and not get frustrated and leave it.

JPEG Challenge

I took a black and white picture of my dresser drawers and used charcoal and white chalk to create the image on the top. This was JPEG challenge and we took pictures and then chose one that we thought was interesting enough to draw.